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Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:
CO1 Outline the knowledge of safety and health concept, professional certification and act. (C1)
CO2 Express the understanding legislation of OSHA act. (C2)
CO3 Use basic managerial skills related to overcome hazards with personal protective equipment. (C3,A1)
CO4 Establish a safety-first corporate culture.(C4)
this subject aim to
CLO1. Explain the concept of digital entrepreneurship
CLO2. Apply ICT and online technologies to promote and sell products
CLO3. Demonstrate business ideas through product deliverables
This module covers wide range of topics from the basic practice in construction safety to the planning and design aspects of a good safety program for a construction project.

The students will be able to learn more on developing an effective safety program and plan for constructability on construction projects.

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