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CLO1 Identify the foundation of organization and individual behavior in the organizational setting
CLO2 Demonstrate skills needed in leadership, decision making, communication, problem solving, team work and adaptability in
relevant organizational behavior situation.
CLO3 Apply behavioral theories, concepts and approaches in organization
CLO4 Illustrate the challenges to create a hostile organizational environment in terms of structure of organization, culture, and
stress management.
This subject introduce students to types, forms, internal forces and joints of statically determinate & indeterminate structures; basic and common knowledge, including methods of analyzing structural elements. A few simple method of analyzing trusses, three hinged arches, portal frames, suspension cables, the influence lines concept for statically determinate beams and deformation analysis of statically determinate structures by using energy method. For statically indeterminate structures, analysis by Slope Deflection Method and Moment Distribution Method will be covered.
This course deals with the knowledge of the safety and health management with related to Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994, Factory and Machinery Act 1967 and Regulations

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