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This module covers wide range of topics from the basic practice in construction management to the planning and scheduling aspects in the construction industry. The students will be able to learn more on scheduling techniques and control on construction projects.
The course introduces students to macroeconomics issues such as inflation, unemployment and international trade. It is designed to provide basic knowledge and understanding about fiscal as well as monetary policies and how these policy instruments can be used to influence macroeconomic activities and achieve macroeconomic objectives.
This course is intended to improve students' English mastery.
This module covers major aspects of main egineering maerials i.e. cementious, metallic, organic, and inorganic materials, with reference to their compositions, properties, modification of some of their properties with respectto enviromental effects and their behaviours at service. the course also covers the concepts of stress and strains of materials, calculation of geometrical properties of a cross section, analyzing the shear force and bending moments for staticaly determinate beams, and torsion of circular shafts.
MPU2313 Pengajian Islam
Section 12
Program EV101 Diploma in Civil Engineering
Physics part 1
This course deals with the knowledge of the safety and health management with related to Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994, Factory and Machinery Act 1967 and Regulations

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