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The course will expose the students to the concepts of basic business or trade in Islamic economy. The students will also be exposed to the applications of Islamic business in areas such as ethics, contracts of transactions, "khiyar, managing of "zakat", about the forbidden of corruption (riba') and other topics related to the business activities.
This module covers wide range of topics from the basic practice in safety for construction industry to the planning and managing a relevant safety program for a construction project. The students will be able to learn more on developing an effective safety management and produce Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and safety report related to field work study.

QUIZ 10%
TEST 30%
1. Demonstrate the foundation of organization and individual behavior in the organizational setting for student’s knowledge, skills and humanity development.
2. Apply skills needed in leadership, decision making, communication, problem solving, team work and adaptability in relevant organizational behavior situation.
3. Demonstrate behavioral theories, concepts and approaches in organization entered to maximize good ethics.
4. Apply the best organization structure and creates comfortable organization culture as a daily practices in dealing with organization environment.
This course is based on the principles operation of sensors and transducers, and actuators used in industry. The principle of operation and application of measuring instruments for basic process such as temperature, pressure, speed, level and fluid flow are also covered in this course.
This module introduces new students to the profession and practice of civil engineering. The module follows the understanding of hazards and safe work practices on construction sites. It also covers a review of the principal sub disciplines of civil engineering and their relationship to age stone, urban, and regional infrastructure, which includes history of great civil engineers with their contributions. Apart from that, the module also includes problem solving and practicing skills as challenges to young engineer in order to produce latest technology and innovations in construction industry.

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